Frequently Asked Questions

How/Where do I pay?

The only payment you will have to make in Housing BMG it’s the first month’s rent payment, the rest of the payments will be handled directly by the landlord.

Once you have found the room you like, let us know so We get in contact with the owner and start the process of your application. We will check the availability of the room to proceed with the payment.

There are 3 ways you can pay:

  • PayPal* 
  • Bank transference
  • Western Union
*We suggest using PayPal ’cause it has the lower fee rate.

Send us the proof of payment via email so We can confirm to you the booking of your room. Then We will send you all the information you need for your arrival to Mexico.

Part of our service is going to the properties days before your arrival to check that everything is ready for you, that the room is clean and tidy so you arrive without worries.

“We got your back”

We make sure to hold your money until you get to the address, that way your money is safe and sound while you are not installed in your room. We want you to have an excellent arrival in Mexico.

*We are just an informational service company, We don’t have legal responsibility for internal problems with the companies exposing their rooms on this website.

How do you know which room is good?

That’s a good question!

The grading focuses on 4 main points that We always mention to the landlords/owners when they want to be part of the BMG community:

  1. Credibility:

We make sure that whatever accommodation they are offering it’s actually there in their houses, that it works, and that is in good conditions. (services, installations, features…)

  1. User Opinion:

Every end of the semester We make a survey asking the roomie’s of the houses what they think of their stay:

Did you have a good time in the house?
Did the landlord give a quick response and fixed any trouble that showed up in the house?

Were the communal areas kept clean as accorded in the contract? etc…

If you have any trouble with the process of renting your room or if you have any problem while you are already living here, let us know! We know what to do in most casesWe can give you a hand, or if it’s necessary, We can modify their ratings or even delete them from the database so that other users don’t have the same problem as you.

  1. Comparative between Area/Quality/Price:

There are a LOT of rooms for rent in Guadalajara, that’s why We spend time gathering information on how a student room looks like in Guadalajara, is it good enough? does it have a desk? ,  does the wifi signal is good in the rooms? Is the price good for what they offer?… We also compare the information, trust us! , We even check if the toilet flushes correctly, so if you see a room in our database, it means is good enough, and from there, we qualify which of those good rooms have a better rating, so if you see 5 stars get it fast!

We know that you probably don’t know how much is a fair price in for a room in Mexico, don’t worry! we do! This website will help you to decide the best option for you.

  1. Location:

Location, location, location.
Our database includes just well-located houses, in safe areas of the city, with access to public transport or easy routes to the Universities, We indicate if they are close to the nightlife and cultural spots or close to which Universities, check the description of every room or house, you will find it there. If you have been in Guadalajara already, check the map for references. 

Enjoy living close to the nightlife or close enough to the University so you sleep longer!

If you have more specific questions about how we choose our rooms, please contact us we will gladly answer.

Do i have to sign some sort of contract?

Yes, it changes depending on the type of house, its features and services, and from each owner.

That contract will have to be signed in person when you arrive in Mexico.

One condition for advertising in this site is that every owner gives a regulation contract with all the specifications to every roomie, so if you don’t receive one, let us know.

Can I share the rent of my room with a friend?

There is always the chance to share rooms, but with certain conditions:

  1. Sharing the room it’s charged with a different price than the advertised on the website which will be determined by the owner of the property.
  2. Most of the owners are open to renting shared rooms, still, there are limited availability, if you are interested in one room specifically let us know.
  3. The first month’s rent payment for the shared rooms will have to be made in a single payment.
More information about it contact us!

What happen if i get delayed with the payment?

The landlords ask at the beginning of the contract for a deposit, that in case you don’t do the payment will not be returned.

By the Mexican law, and with the contract signed, you have to pay on time every month for all your stay, otherwise, on the second month of delay of payment, you might get removed from the address.

If case you have paid on time and still you are having problems with the landlord, let us know, we are happy to help.

With what kind of people I will live with?

You never know! That’s why is exciting is it not?

Just one little BIG advice: Usually the bigger houses means bigger parties, more often, with more noise. So if you like more privacy, look for a smaller house with more privacy between your roomies and you.

Or if you are still doubting, talk to us, we will recommend you something without a problem.

How much does the public transport cost in Guadalajara?

The prices of transport are:

Bus: $7 MXN / single trip

Train: $7 MXN/ while you stay in the station.

Public Bicycle: $365 MXN a year!

If you are not sure how much an MXN (Mexican peso) is, you can check in http://www.xe.com/es/currencyconverter/

Do I have some sort of security in my room?

Every room has a personal key which will be given aside with the main door key of the house at your arrival.

You and only you will be able to open your door, so don’t worry about it.

Do you allow animals in the houses?

The answer is a usual “no”, we have to look after everyone, and even if we loved pets, that we do, some of your roomies might not.

If there is a special case, let us know so we could find a place where you and Mr Sparky can fit without any problems.

How much cost the service bills like electricity, etc...?

All the bills from the houses in BMG are included in the price of the rental.

You don’t have to pay any extra.

So if you have any issue with your landlord let us know!

How many months does the standard contract has?

Usually, exchange students come for a 6/12 months contract but talk with your landlord, he might make an exception.

*If you have another question, don’t doubt in contacting us, we’ll be glad to help you through the process of selecting your room.