How we started?

One day there were two friends travelling somewhere in Asia. They were walking quietly home until one asked to the other (in Spanish of course):

– Bro, why do you travel?
– Why do you ask?
– I don’t know men, I’m just wondering.
– Well in resume I suppose that I like new experiences, that in every place you go, doesn’t matter if is popular or not, you meet new awesome people, learn new and awesome things, gather awesome histories, expand your vision of the world… and you?
-Probably the same, I also like that for some reason, I feel more alive.

And they kept walking…
Then the first one asked again:

– And what you don’t like about it?

The other started to remember the bad things of the trip:

– Ehmm… I don’t know, I think I like everything, I mean everything has been nice until now
– Come on, mate… there must be something.
– The only thing can think of is when you get to a new place where people want’s to take advantage of you, you know? like in many touristic places, like that time when we got the beach house for a week. In the website, it looked amazing and we got there and it was in horrible conditions, remember?
– Ahh, the one where one of the guys who wanted to charge the electricity bill also?
– That one, we got stuck in that house without hot water to shower!! haha.. I mean wtf with that!
– The beach was amazing though, but yeah that wasn’t a good experience at all, that guy really pissed me off, but you paid in advanced… and he didn’t even speak English!
– I know man, 7*$k that guy. We couldn’t fix a thing!

Who are we now?

Housing BMG was born from those two travellers, who knew that no one likes to be seen as the foreign guy with a lot of money, everything but that, We want to be treated fairly.

The internet is full of fake advertising, sites that show incomplete information or have photos that don’t match to the reality.

At Be My Guest, We only offer trustful information in our database, all of the rooms and houses are personally verified by our staff and We work every day getting to know the landlords and houses/rooms  in Guadalajara, to make sure that if you choose one of the advertised by us, You will arrive, bring your stuff and feel at home without worrying about any unexpected surprises.

We believe that the best experience you can get in a new country is the one where you become part of that place. So, if you are looking at this page, you are thinking about coming to Guadalajara, we will make sure you have the best Mexican full of tacos experience ever.

We know that the place you are going to call home for 6 months or more it’s a very important part of that experience, that’s why we will help you to find the best one for you.

Our business model works not around money, but around the people, we want them to leave Mexico happy and with the motivation to come back one day. That enriches us more than any currency.

We want to offer you a place where you are treated as a GUEST before to be treated as a COSTUMER.