If you are wondering what to do when arriving in Mexico?
In this post we will try to get through the most important points:

The first thing to do if you get to read this back home is:
Download the next apps which are very useful in México:

UBER (Private taxi company)
MOOVIT (Public transport google maps like)
WHATSAPP (Mexican most used app for texting)
TRIPOSO (The best travellers app in the world!)


If you have them already or you don’t like mobile apps, keep looking we hope its useful information now you are planning to come to México.

1. Call Mom.

We know that you are a biCall Mom you arrived to Mexico and she is worriedg and independent boy/girl, but for your own security, let someone know that you arrived safe and sound. Mexico is a country with a bad reputation speaking about security, so your family might be worried, if you don’t have internet in your phone or balance on your mobile, at the airports you could always look for a Starbucks, Burger King / Mc Donalds,  Wings etc.. where you can make a purchase and get the free Wi-Fi.





2. Get some Money

It is very hard to find Mexican pesos back home, so you should look for some at the airport, either at a currency exchange counter or a simple bank. Don’t withdraw too much, just maybe $1,000 MXN / $50 EUR, that is because the exchange rate its pretty high at the airport, but don’t worry that will be more than enough until you get to your new home. Stay in contact, because the next post will be about where are the best places for exchange your money.

3. Airport – Destination(housing)

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        Now that your family are more tranquil we have to focus on your safety, remember the reputation of Mexico? well, it’s not as bad, this country is full of wonders and we truly believe you will have an amazing time, but don’t believe our words, experience Mexico and decide yourself.

        México it’s a third world country so being a foreigner it’s easy to spot, at least from people who could or want to take advantage from it. So, if you are using a transport service from your housing host, they should be waiting for you at the gate already with a sign with your name written on it, but if they are delayed (which is something normal in México) get in contact with them, ask for specific information about who is going to pick you up and in which car why are they delay and how long will they take, and arrange a spot for them to pick you up inside the airport and wait for that person to come to you; a coffee shop is always a good spot, cause you know.. coffee.. or anywhere you want, but please, don’t wait outside; that way you won’t look like a rookie tourist.

        NEVER ask someone, Are you Roberto? (the name of the person who is going to pick you up) to someone who looks like is searching for you. Just wait, until someone comes and ask your name. and only then follow him. in HOUSING BMG all the transport services are verified by us, so don’t worry about bad people trying to do bad stuff… but if you really have a bad feeling, well, take an UBER.

      • by UBER

        Remember that we suggest you download UBER before coming? well, this is the moment to use it

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    You have 2 options, one is taking a $250 MXN / $15 EUR  cab which is actually secure if you pay it inside the airport, never go outside to get one on the streets they will charge you a lot of money we guarantee it. But if you followed our advice you can take an UBER for half the price.


    UBER its a very popular transport in Mexico at least in the main cities like Guadalajara, you just have to put the address of the place where you are going to stay and use your GPS for the pickup point, but please… make sure that when the UBER arrives the driver is the same person that the picture on your phone and the car and its plates are the same than in the app. If you see that something doesn’t match, DO NOT get in the car and cancel the trip. There have been cases where bad people will say YES if you ask them if they are your UBER without comparing information, then when you get in the car, you will be likely robbed.

 4. Mexican Phone Number


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Do you want to have money to buy tacos? well get a Mexican phone number, it is cheap and easy to set up, remember that you must have a “private” phone, and not a phone from a company back home, sometimes they restrict the service to a certain company, so whenever you put the new chip to the phone it won’t work, unless you call them to get an “unlock” password.
if you want to make sure if your phone is “unlocked” Click Here.

If your phone isn’t unlocked check this link you may find some useful info. but if it is unlocked you just have to go to an OXXO, 7 eleven (both are groceries stores and the staff most likely won’t speak any English, but by just asking for a “chip Telcel porfavor” they will understand) ask for a pre-paid Sim card, the cost usually is $100 MXN / $5 EUR, then, after your purchase it you just have to put it inside your phone and you will be ready to make and receive calls from all over the world. Sometimes if you put more than a certain amount of money, you get free data for social media apps like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter, Whatsapp etc.. but that changes from time to time, so you better put  $200 MXN / $10 EUR and that will be enough for the start, (unless you see HD quality movies in NETFLIX).

If after putting the SIM card, the mobile data is not working, then you have two options, you could have a “free facebook phone life” for the rest of your stay in Mexico, or follow the next steps:

  1. Get to settings on your phone.
  2. Look for wireless and network or somewhere that says something about mobile data etc..
  3. Touch APN or (Acces Point Names)
  4. You will find some names already made, so just go and look for an option that says New APN, + APN, add NEW, ADD, create NEW, NEW or whatever sound like ADD NEW APN.
  5. You will get something like this where you have to modify this list:Resultado de imagen para apn list
    1. NAME : Telcel
    2. APN: internet.itelcel.com (it has an “i” before Telcel)
    3. User Name: webgprs
    4. Password: webgprs
  6. Look for the “Save” option, and click it sometimes you have to press the “back” button on your phone.
  7. If you see the name in the list of APN you DID IT! just press the name so the circle get green or blue or whatever colour, and that is all!

OH! and moovit its a pretty useful information for using Mexican public transport. (Usually, there are not a lot of info on internet about where you can get a bus that takes you to a certain point) so this app will be pretty handy.

Be ready… using Mexican public transport its an adventure!

So you should know by now how to get home,  buy a phone and configure it, transport yourself around town and if you practised well you could already say, “2 cervezas porfavor” just in case you need it.


In case that you are afraid of eating on the street, you should not, it’s amazing, but be cautious, not everywhere it’s nice, you can check our post about knowing how to tell if it is a good place for eating or not.


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